Testimonials from Residents of Chestnut Village Apartments

“Choosing Chestnut Village as my home was one of the best moves I ever made.  The hardwood floors, natural lighting and ample closet space create a most pleasant environment.  The buildings and park-like grounds are well maintained.  The location is ideal, whether walking to charming Bordentown City or accessing major highways.  The owners and staff treat each occupant like family and are readily available and responsive.  Chestnut Village is a great place to live!

- Susan O.

“Since Summer of 1999 I have enjoyed the privilege of residing at Chestnut Village Apartments in Bordentown, NJ.  The garden apartment style village of 24 buildings are impeccably maintained inside and out.  Everyone involved in the management of Chestnut Village apartments are exceptionally pleasant and are more than willing to make sure that your reasonable needs and requests as a tenant are tended to courteously and in a timely manner.  The sun never sets on any problem in the complex and I have found that management is dedicated to the maintenance of a high quality of service for all tenants.

This is a very nice place to live and I recommend it highly.”

- Houston D.

“Why I Love Chestnut Village Apartments

To the gang at Chestnut Village Apartments: I just LOVE living here! I have been here for 14 years and every year gets better. It’s a lovely little neighborhood with beautiful trees, gardens with red brick apartment buildings, and good neighbors.

One of the things I like best is that when something needs to be repaired it gets done right away. The next best thing is that it almost never needs to be repaired again! There is always plenty of hot water for showers and dishes. The apartments are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I’m able to plant flowers out front if I want to add to the already lovely bushes. Every year there are improvements to the outdoors and indoors. One of the best and biggest improvements were the windows, boy does that save on heating bills. Speaking of bills, Chestnut Village has the best rental rates of any apartments in the area.

Freddie and Omar are the BEST maintenance men to be found anywhere! Thanks you guys. Jean, the office manager here at Chestnut Village is the world’s best manager, listener and getter done person ever. She keeps the hallways of the builds spick and span and if you have a problem is always willing to listen. Thanks Jean!
Maryann ,Vince and Paul as long as you continue to own CVA I will live here, there is no better place to be, it’s equal distance to Philadelphia and New York, and closer to home we’re right in the middle of the malls. Looking for a place to hang your hat and rest your head? Come join us at Chestnut Village, it’s the best move I ever made. 

Very truly yours,
- Lisa B.

“Thank you for the incredible job you did clearing the snow after our two recent storms.  I was amazed to see how organized and efficient your entire team was in clearing out the ‘Village’.    It was also great to see so many residents helping each other.    Thank you for caring so much about the people who live at Chestnut Village.  It shows in everything you do, from helping in a storm, to the daily maintenance, to the personal service you provide.   Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the ‘extra’ you do to make our living here so enjoyable.

- Rob R.

“I chose to reside at Chestnut Village Apartments for several important reasons generally related to being convenient.  I enjoy the convenience of:

  •  Being moments from Interstates 295 & 195, NJ Turnpike, Rts. 130 & 206.  This allows easy access to all the places I frequent such as the Jersey Shore, Philadelphia, NY City, Trenton, Princeton, etc.
  • Calling on maintenance folks for those normal time to time matters that come up – I’ve never waited more than the next work day for a maintenance issue to be resolved.
  • Having commercial grade washer/dryer per 4 unit building – this semi private arrangement means not having to wait to do wash.
  • Having a powerful landlord provided air conditioning unit that cools the entire apartment. Also the layouts provide good cross ventilation so you don’t really need to a/c unless it is pretty hot out.  If all apartments have ceiling fans, that helps as well. 
  • Having a very large locked storage area in the basement.
  • Having ample parking.
  • Being close enough to downtown Bordentown to walk downtown for dinner, shopping, ice cream, library (one block away), post office & various street fairs throughout the year.  However not being right on Farnsworth Avenue,  Chestnut Village is quiet and removed from downtown noise.
  • Apart from all the above mentioned niceties which make Chestnut Village living as care free as possible the rent is manageable in these tough economic times. 
  • Family run by folks who live in town and keep an eye on things all the time.  Their name and reputation depends on maintaining Chestnut Village Apartments status as Bordentown’s #1 rental community.

- Jesse R.

“I live at Chestnut Village Apartments and am extremely happy and feel very safe here.   The following are just some of the aspects of this complex that impress me:

  • This past winter after the snow storms, not only did the owners have the parking lot plowed as soon as possible, they stood side by side and helped shovel out the residents vehicles.  I know people in other complexes and the complaints varied from being snowed in for days, to having their vehicles plowed in.
  • When you need help, the owners are accessible.  You don’t just deal with the complex manager.   This certainly gives me a feeling of ‘family’ not a corporation.
  • EVERYONE, from maintenance to owners, is not only pleasant, but friendly and helpful.  I have never had to wait for help when needed.
  • The atmosphere is calm and quiet, even though there are some children living here.  I always feel peaceful.
  • I would not hesitate to recommend (and I have) living at Chestnut Village Apartments

- Alice C.