About Us

Chestnut Village Apartments is a family-owned apartment complex located in historic Bordentown, New Jersey. Constructed in 1951 and featuring a low intensity layout designed to incorporate the natural beauty of the town, we feature two-story buildings comprised of four apartments each with just under 100 total units.

Our Commitment:
Not only do we manage our complex as a family, we also work to make every resident feel like an integral part of the Chestnut Village community.  Here, we are committed to providing hands-on and personal attention to all of our residents. We have built our reputation on delivering services in the most professional and respectful manner, making every experience you have with us a positive one.

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Our History:
With over 25 years in the residential building industry we decided to purchase Chestnut Village Apartments in 1995 as a way to consolidate our business and become more involved with the community we love.  We promised to create a neighborhood complex that conformed to the historic background of Bordentown yet offered all the amenities of a resurgent and vibrant community. With a long family history and a residency here, we are motivated everyday to fulfill that commitment.

An Inviting Community: One of our strongest attributes is our natural sense of community. Taking advantage of the numerous park benches and lovely shade trees, neighbors in Chestnut Village have an opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy one another’s company.

Personalized Property Management: We are hands-on family owners in every way possible. We take pride in our business and are involved in all aspects of the operation, from fixing a faucet to meeting prospective new residents. At Chestnut Village, you’ll have our undivided attention every day.

Why You’ll Love Living Here
Chestnut Village Apartments has earned a reputation for excellence among its peers as one of the best managed and well run apartment complexes in the Central/South Jersey region. The feedback received from both our tenants and local residents has been nothing but positive, encouraging us to continue providing the personal service we committed to delivering when we opened for business.

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